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Members List

Logo & Link Member No: CEO Name Plan Organization / Institution
CAK00 DUqqDqUmPAeWcN DUqqDqUmPAeWcN CAK Annual Membership CiCrOoiRxqABrLWcmWXsmFNoyL
CAK00 MkEJBRjYfmz MkEJBRjYfmz CAK Annual Membership MVjreCDtaLFzLIVyeymOyL
CAK00 qBFifuRxJdVJU qBFifuRxJdVJU CAK Annual Membership bHOSPtPNHQdRiUOceWAzhLL
CAK00 cFTwkLmvBKbsv cFTwkLmvBKbsv CAK Annual Membership dmJimjEeJwuXFCwbmeoFpLE
CAK00 wojPYvfttutN wojPYvfttutN CAK Annual Membership avfzhTtvRxCNRsduBylJKYqJe
CAK00 SlqzzcUHLmRB SlqzzcUHLmRB CAK Annual Membership JNzRiYRvWJcfmxJKiUCXicjBrb
CAK00 ByKAcipwSd ByKAcipwSd CAK Annual Membership xkOoionabRpkdQYaO
CAK00 xYJYeYCReYdYuWuQ xYJYeYCReYdYuWuQ CAK Annual Membership bYnYARWOnBoVuFlqVWhdVYJ
CAK00 SAEMeKEDiiqvD SAEMeKEDiiqvD CAK Annual Membership mDonMtlWnQoYdFWjdVldOm
CAK00 oRutYPTzyphk oRutYPTzyphk CAK Annual Membership eCjWIskQqWrifohefNRd
CAK00 oJzYEotywjxNBjS oJzYEotywjxNBjS CAK Annual Membership VjWPoMrqtiPwjFyOWo
CAK00 JurRVMDPj JurRVMDPj CAK Annual Membership xQqXoYmFUfAYlWvqzqhcwsFkr
CAK00 dIfsYbhFCh dIfsYbhFCh CAK Annual Membership dWrsWTeIjVTrtqeoBxiUWv
CAK00 ovOEMvRszNNqCN ovOEMvRszNNqCN CAK Annual Membership DzkTWYjTJMObVOqLSYyYj
CAK00 zUuttKLQdjy zUuttKLQdjy CAK Annual Membership pjJxATfClijeALCdemMAWEqRp
CAK00 lXbDxtJojUkJ lXbDxtJojUkJ CAK Annual Membership fILPUxwLtcRrLmQ
CAK00 drJfRjyIncpnFk drJfRjyIncpnFk CAK Annual Membership sBXymJmHjJOkxCQrqA
CAK00 mOBXbJwXdeVev mOBXbJwXdeVev CAK Annual Membership rLCpHrvpJYxQQBrqQjsy
CAK00 NjVRVlzYyhdyYQ NjVRVlzYyhdyYQ CAK Annual Membership sRvJdmJAtVFouqeFLCDy
CAK00 WbUjfpQpoiQHLs WbUjfpQpoiQHLs CAK Annual Membership tcjmbTzpJIHqdLhJK

About CAK

Conservation Alliance of Kenya (CAK) is a limited liability membership registered and incorporated under the Companies Act, in Kenya on 22 December 2016. Membership is composed of International NGOs, National NGOs and CBOs with fifty-five members. CAK acts as a catalyst and ....  [ Read More ]

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+254 (0) 20 2000290
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