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Conservation Alliance of Kenya (CAK) last year in September requested National Management Environment Authority (NEMA) to revoke the license of an Agri business by KiliAvo to have an avocado farm on 180 acres of land within an important elephant corridor in Amboseli. NEMA revoked that license and ordered that work on the farm be stopped. KiliAvo went to National Environmental Tribunal to overturn the order.

Conservation Alliance of Kenya enjoined the case to ensure that farming does not start as the plan was to set a horrendous precedent that threatens to completely close the elephant connectivity of the entire Amboseli ecosystem with Tsavo West National Park and Mkomzai National Reserve in Tanzania. And violates the gazetted land use management plan for the Amboseli ecosystem, ignores the recommendations of the national wildlife migratory corridors report and will increase human elephant conflict.

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